Monday, July 25, 2011

have you been loved?

Some interesting choices in life, LOVE.
Some irrevocably words, LOVE..
Some unconditionally done, LOVE...

How would you know that you have been love unconditionally?
Found some facts that might trigger something inside you, and make you think again.

(Credit to: Maonx)

For a man, their methods of loving a woman is much more simple and less complicated. They don't tend to show off their affection and care the way us women do. And how a man loves is based on 3Ps which are Profess, Provide and Protect. Let begin with Profess, if a man loves a woman, he would be proud to tell everyone that she is his woman. He may not always display his affections, but when a friend asks him 'Who is she?', he will proudly hold her hands and his answer will always stay the same 'Oh, this is my girl, bro!' or else similar to that.

If a man loves a woman, the real man will always try to Provide her with anything that she needs be it materials or supports. He will always be aware of his responsibilities towards his woman and work hard to fulfill them. And it will be his pleasure to do so.

Protect, when a man loves a woman, he may not stay by the bed when she is sick or rub her feet when she is exhausted from walking long distance in high-heeled shoes, but he will do anything, go through everything before he let anything or anyone hurts or harms his woman. That's what you can expect from a man when he loves a woman.

I: Make me think again and again and again...Keep thinking of that.

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