Friday, June 11, 2010

Awake @ 4am

I couldnt sleep last night. The reason of awakening is the same. I felt tense tooks over my nerves, my mind and my soul. I felt helpless. I'm tired and sick of this. The feeling that I might just left behind but I coundnt. The cold conversation, in the silent night, it kills me.

The resemblance of the past haunting as for the words i'm uttered. It just feels like yesterday. When everything trembled and took away the pride and dignity. Am I still the same as before? Should I change? What have I done wrong?

Huhuh. Nape entry kali ni lain semacam saja. Ahh, sibuklah nak tahu, ini hal-hal jiwa yang saya suka simpan secret2. *...*
Saya cuma wish saya hidup bahagia, senang bukan kerana wang tetapi kerana hidup yg tenteram. I really need a peaceful life, i insist thou i know it's impossible.

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